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Our Approach

We believe in the power of community. It takes a community of people and services to help support a person born with any disability. A child born substance exposed poses unique challenges in that they require a mix of services from across the spectrum of care available in the Developmental Disability community, as well as mental and physical health. Some services may not seem obvious, but as you learn more about your child’s unique needs, we work to ensure that your family gets the support necessary.  From diagnosis to service determination, we won’t leave you to go thru the process alone.

Our Story

Founded by Carl and Malette Young in Bismarck, North Dakota, the Family Services Network was established to ensure that no family ever felt alone while working to get services for their substance exposed child.  The Young family adopted their youngest child when he was two years old. Living in a small town, they learned first hand about the lack of service availability.

Thru nearly most of their son’s formative years, they lived in a small town. Their son spent most of ten years in and out of facilities in more than one state. Repeatedly being told that their son was “cured” they opted to move to the city of Bismarck in the summer of 2017.   The following January they made the decision to bring their son home from care to live in the community.

At seventeen, their son is now in main stream school at Bismarck High School where he is a junior. They built a community of services ranging from therapy to psychiatric care, including Applied Behavior Analysis, mentor support and family services for their son and family.

Life has not been perfect by most standards, but the Young’s don’t let that stop them from advocating for continued care and change in the system of care.

Meet the Team


Malette Young

Education Director

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Carl Young

Executive Director

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Kelsey Young

Public Relations

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